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Welcome to the world of Coneli, where sustainability meets timeless elegance.

Coneli is launching in late summer 2024 with the vision to revolutionize the handbag industry by using the trending vegan leather options, like cactus leather or corn leather. While most brands still rely on leather or recycled leather for handbags - primarily because animal skins are byproducts of the meat industry - animal leather has long been associated with high quality, durability, and luxury. However, have you ever considered the carbon footprint, the vast amounts of water required by the leather industry, or the fact that we have an excess of leather? It's time to embrace alternative materials to drive change.

Join us on this extraordinary journey to discover new vegan material options, and together, let's redefine what it means to be fashionable, responsible, and utterly fabulous.

All our designs are inspired by nature here in Portugal.

Together we can do it!

What sustainability means to us:

If you look into sustainability transparency is key to all solutions. Vegan leather options often include plastic and are still far from being 100% clean, but their impact on our planet is lower in many ways.

Just believe in what feels right

How it all started

It all started with a creative and driven mind that happened to belong to a woman, a mom, a marketing leader, and a doer. Conny was 37 years old and dreamt of having her own business, creating a brand from scratch that represented her lifestyle and her views on sustainable living. The idea came to life while driving through the Algarve, seeing fields of cork trees and cactus, and wondering why most people still carried leather handbags.

Having children means wanting them to enjoy nature and breathe fresh air. For years, she and her two kids, have been looking for trash on the beach while others search for shells. She and her family strive to reduce plastic use, rely on local products, engage in their own farming, saving water, support climate change projects, and work with larger brands and organizations to foster global change. Sustainable living is expensive and seems not as accessible as it should be.

“I am not a designer; I am a visionary who wants to create a product that people can use daily, reminding them to feel responsible for our planet.”

– Our Founder Conny

“The brand name is a synergy of my name and the middle names of my children, both of which include 'Eli.' - so the name Coneli was born”

– Our Founder Conny

Want to know more what is behind Coneli

Our founder, Conny, writes weekly in our news section about the developments, visions, and reasons behind Coneli. Our purpose is to create something together with you that changes the industry.